UK: Three days to go and…

…excitement has set in!

Maybe it’s the anticipation of a new adventure or maybe it’s the thought of reconnecting with my history?!  According to this article: “at a deep genetic level, we’re all still African.”  Very nice!

The plan is to voyage from South Africa to Kenya overland, working in exchange for bed and board along the way to get to know places, reduce costs and lengthen the stay.

This idea came into being about a year ago, after spending a considerable amount of time trying to work out how to get from the UK to South Africa without flying.

Believing that:

• Climate Change is happening
• Humans are contributing greatly to this phenomenon
• It is already having a negative impact on people and the environment

it seemed to make sense to reduce my personal carbon footprint.

With flights emitting much Carbon Dioxide (amongst other gases) and contributing to Global Warming I decided, where possible, not to travel by air. This has meant overland journeys to countries such as Austria, Ireland, France and Scotland which have been great.

Faced with a strong desire to go on a big trip but with as little environmental impact as possible, travelling from the UK to South Africa overland seemed a good idea and inspired by the likes of Ewan Mcgregor  and this incredible man, I was pumped to do this!

And then, I started freaking out. Every way I looked at it there were countries that I did not feel comfortable going through and after some long hard thought and research, the decision was made to fly to Cape Town. To make it worthwhile though I wanted to go for a good length of time and thus the timescale of a year was born.

This blog will serve as a way of keeping everyone posted on the trip and also as a record for myself. I hope it can be a mix of fun and factual: to share the journey, new places, people and cultures but also to explore global issues such as climate change and poverty.

3500 plus miles and 6, 7, 8 countries , the plan is not set in stone, which thinking about it, is probably a good thing in Africa.

Keep posted 😉


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