Cape Town: A Lovely City

“Cape Town is a lovely city” – the words of a busker entertaining the streets yesterday morning, but I must say I would agree with him.  The weather is warm and the scenery is beautiful.

We got to our first hostel on Tuesday evening after approximately 33 hours travelling, hooray!

Picture 005

We were extremely happy to have arrived and even happier to have a bed to sleep in.

We are having a few days getting to know the city before Daniel starts work at a hostel and before I try and find something similar!

Day one consisted of exploring central Cape Town and the Waterfront area.

Picture 003

Picture 004

And then dinner in bed!

Picture 006

Ciao for now.


One thought on “Cape Town: A Lovely City

  1. LOVE reading this so much. I’m already yearning for you! Haha.
    Glad to hear you’re happy and safe in Cape Town 🙂
    So many hugs are being sent to you xxx

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