Cape Town: PAP

It’s been over a week now since arriving into Cape Town and things are going well.

Last Thursday we left our first hostel and moved to a new area – Sea Point, which is, by THE SEA!




We spent several days here because it was so nice.  Highlights included walking along the coast and attempting to swim in the sea (it is FREEZING).  Lowlights included trying to cook for ourselves in our new hostel!

Eventually we moved on to a more suburban district, called Woodstock.  There were fewer travelers and more locals in the area which was nice.

Highlights included playing with the hostels five dogs.

IMG_0107The lowlight – me cooking again.  This time the dish of choice was “pap” which is a staple throughout much of Africa because it is cheap and also very filling (


It is basically maize meal and water though mine had hints of charcoal!

On Monday Daniel moved to a new hostel where he is working in exchange for board and I stayed in Woodstock with the dogs to start my quest for work.

Plans are underway and it is looking like I’m going to be able to get a reception position in a hostel in a couple of weeks time :).


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