Cape Town: Climbing Mountains and Settling In

Four weeks in to the trip and I am starting to feel settled in Cape Town.  The local minibus system has just about been mastered, I am making pap like a pro and the sun is starting to work its magic on my pale skin!

Last week was fairly relaxed as I don’t start work until the 6th May.  A hostel previously mentioned (Cape Town Deco Lodge, Woodstock) has become my base and I’ve been spending a fair amount of time getting to know the people there.


Alongside this I have also tried a few new things:

1.  Yoga – interesting and intense.  Run by a charity called Greenpop which plants trees and promotes greener and more sustainable living (, wahoo, I went to this event:


A fun experience but conclusive that I am not flexible or strong.

2. Hiking a mountain – Table Mountain to be precise.  Fun but conclusive I am NOT fit either.  Fortunately my mountaineering partner Charlie was of a similar disposition so we took it easy and had a fair few pit stops along the way.


3. Surfing – at a place called Muizenberg (  This was just plain fun so it looks like surfing might be the sport for me!  Unfortunately I don’t actually have a picture of me on the board but I do have a funky picture of the beach we went to.


Overall I am really enjoying living in Cape Town.  The good weather is still holding out and next Monday I’ll be starting reception work at a hostel called Afrique du Sud, in exchange for bed and board.


3 thoughts on “Cape Town: Climbing Mountains and Settling In

  1. Glad you’re having a great time. How’s D getting on? Sunny here now too – finally!! But not like there – takecare – enjoy

    • Hi Sarah, it’s going really well for Daniel as well – he is working at a really nice hostel on reception and bar and he has already seen some perks of the job – like they sent him shark cage diving for free! Hope all is well with the family

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