Cape Town: Changes

I am going to be unashamedly British in a minute and have a chat about the weather.  For the last two months Cape Town has been basking in beautiful sun and I have been doing the same.  Whether it be cycling, walking, swimming, or running (this occurred just once) I have been making the most of warmer climes.


It’s been great to get more active and with afternoons and evenings spent working in the hostel, it’s also been nice to be out and about in the mornings.

It is nearly June now though which means change is on the horizon, in the form of Cape Town Winter.  Ahh!  This means rain, mist and temperature drops so I am preparing to layer up UK style.


Some days have started to be wetter and chillier already but this has not stopped us visiting some new places.

Stellenbosch – probably the greenest town I have ever seen.  There were trees EVERYWHERE!



And Simon’s Town which was less green but equally lovely.



For both we took the train which was a really good way to see more of the country and there was some beautiful coastline along the way.


Hope all you Brits are enjoying the prospect of summer, I’m going to go add another layer!


2 thoughts on “Cape Town: Changes

  1. Hey Emma! Looks like your having a great time, am quite jealous. Weather here is awful – our climate obviously didn’t get the summer memo! Do keep us posted with your adventures – I was hoping to see more of your hostel and where you work?! Just out of nosiness! xx

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