Cape Town: Sip and Savour

It is time for an UPDATE!

I am going to start by saying that I have been working very hard over the last few weeks.


One staff member is stuck in Namibia at the moment so I have had shifts at the backpackers most days.

To give you an idea of where I have been spending a lot of my time…





The idea of working on this trip came about after discovering an amazing site called Workaway which  lists “hosts” all over the world who want voluntary help in exchange for bed and board.  The opportunities available are diverse and include things like participating in eco-projects, being an au-pair and helping out in hostels.

Obviously you need to be careful when finding something on an internet site but Workaway has a useful review system which gives an idea of the hosts credibility.

Although I didn’t actually find my hostel on the Workaway website the principle is the same – in return for my time they give me a room and a small allowance for food, hooray :).

Despite enjoying being on reception I am always extremely glad when I get a day off and this time out has been spent very wisely:

1.  Penguin viewing at Boulders Beach.


It was so nice to see these creatures in the wild and they are pretty sweet.  The beach there was also lovely so Daniel and I somehow managed to entertain ourselves on this rock overlooking the sea for several hours (though I do think the white stuff on the rock is penguin poo!)

IMG_05412.  Going on a free wine tour!

I have not been a big wine drinker in the past but South Africa you might be changing me. After 6 different (and stunning) wine farms and about 25 samples of red, white, rose and port  I was sold on the idea of drinking fermented grapes.



Apparently there are five stages of tasting: sight, swill, sniff, sip and savour.  Looks like Daniel’s got it!



One thought on “Cape Town: Sip and Savour

  1. Glad you’re enjoying those fermented grapes! You can try a bottle of my Elderflower when you get back to Blighty, it’ll give those SA wines a run for their money ha ha!!!

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