Cape Town: Ciao Cape Town

I can’t quite believe it but our time in Cape Town is rapidly drawing to an end 😦 .  What better way though, to spend my last week at work, than with three days off and good weather to go with it.

One of the highlights was a mega braai (barbeque) at Deco Lodge.  We put a huge amount of meat on the fire, drunk a lot of beer and toasted some marshmallows on a gas heater (of course!)




I have observed that braai’s are VERY popular occasions in South Africa, in fact they love it so much that there is a national Braai day, each year, in September ( 

Apart from eating a lot of meat, I also got a haircut recently (which has been chopped a little too short :O) and went surfing again, which was a lot of fun.


I am actually feeling a little emotional about leaving Cape Town but I hope that we might be able to return again while on this trip.  For now Daniel and I need to get our heads in gear and work out how to get from here to Mozambique within the week…time to get planning.  


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