Cape Town to Mozambique: 2 Weeks 3200 miles

Two weeks ago Daniel and I set out to leave Cape Town.  We decided to do this in stages because South Africa is one big country!

IMG_0533[1]Our first mode of transport – this lovely rented car.  Unfortunately for Daniel I don’t have a driving license BUT I did provide moral support, navigation help and pointed out interesting wildlife along the way…. like ostriches!

IMG_0823It took a few days for us to go along the garden route, up to Bloemfontein and then on to Pretoria.  Our route looked a bit like this (you may need to zoom out):

Next we took an overnight train from Pretoria to the Mozambique border which arrived in the early hours of the morning.


Then it was time for a morning hike to reach the immigration hut.

IMG_0582[1]After a few hours of queuing and passport stamping and walking around trying to find a bus, we had our new visas in place and were on our way to Maputo, where we stayed for several days, strolling round the city, attempting Portuguese and eating a lot of supermarket food.

And from Maputo we voyaged to the coast for a bit of this:


IMG_1069-1So green and so blue!  It was a great place to relax, which is pretty much what we did for 5 days…

…before journeying all the way back to Cape Town on a couple of Intercape long distance buses – Maputo to Johannesburg (10 hours) and then Johannesburg to Cape Town (17 hours!)

We were glad to be back and are now both working at the backpackers Daniel was working at before we left.  I have been busy with training and my first shifts but am starting to settle in and get my head round the new job 🙂


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