Cape Town: Whale of a time

It has been far too long since the last post…apologies!  I have now got into the flow of work at the new hostel and the weeks seem to be flying.  I was shocked to see that today is the 25th of August which means my favorite event of the year is occurring in London this weekend…Notting Hill Carnival (  HAPPY CARNIVAL to anyone going :D.  I am having a mini carnival at my computer desk right now, listening to some tropical beats.

Talking of tropical, I have heard that England has had a pretty good summer this year.  Here in South Africa it is still a little chilly but it is also WHALE SEASON.  These amazing creatures come in close to the coast to breed from July to October so it only felt right to pay them a visit  (


We managed to see about five whales in total and to top it off a couple of dolphins casually swam by.

Whales are not the only creatures I have been visiting recently.  I have also been going to a dog rescue shelter, in a place called Hout Bay, to help with animal walking and socialising.  It has been really fun but also slightly painful – the dogs are more than overexcited to see you when you go in their enclosure which results in a lot of scratches and bruises :O.

Stray dogs are a big problem in South Africa, particularly in township areas, where they are often neglected and abused. Walking around the Harbour area below there were numerous strays wandering around.


The ocean seems to be a recurrent theme in these blog posts so just to continue with this we also went on a boat trip around the Cape Town harbour the other week.  Probably the most amazing sunset I have ever witnessed…



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