Botswana to Zambia: African Heat

12 days into our African travels our journey so far is looking like this:

From Gaborone to Francistown (Botswana) we had a smooth and fairly comfortable bus ride, followed by a not so express trip, the next day, on the “Chobe Exoress” from Francistown to Kasane.  Here we had our first African break down.


On the plus side we had time to chill under a tree in the savannah and get ready for the most exciting part of the journey to come – elephants casually walking by the side of the road!


Fortunately we managed to reach Kasane before dark and got a glimpse of the beautiful Zambezi river which the next day we would cross to reach Zambia.


After this we carried on to Livingstone for three days of recuperation after long, hot bus journeys and got to see Victoria Falls!  It is dry season at the moment which meant there was much less water falling than the rest of the year but it was still really impressive.



Now we have reached Lusaka where we have another day of recovery before heading to the Malawian border tomorrow!


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