Malawi: Coffee. Food. Lake.

After a week living in Nkhata Bay,  a new routine has been set.

My life in pictures looks a little like this:




Coffee. Food. Lake!  In reality there is also some work thrown in there too.  At the moment we are helping with quite a mixture of tasks from IT, to room checks, to cheese hunting in the local shops!

Njaya is an interesting place as a lot of the staff helped to build the lodge 20 years ago and have been working here ever since.  On top of this some of them started a free cookery school for local youth who can then go on to get employment in Malawi and further afield :).

Free time is generally spent in water or chatting to guests.  It’s always nice to meet people from around the world and we recently met an interesting chap who cycled from Nairobi to Cape Town … planting ideas for another trip?!


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