Malawi: Lake Flies and Inspiration

Firstly, this was my view of the lake this morning.


The black clouds are millions of lake flies which hatch out of the water every year and subsequently move towards the shore :O.  I’m hoping they don’t come landward any time soon but if they do maybe it will be time to try a Malawian Fly Cake.

Or maybe not!

As well as trying new cuisine one of the things I like most about travelling is meeting new, interesting and often inspiring people.  Last week, for example, I met this guy – Kennedy:


He is local Malawian community worker who set up and runs a charity called Hope Malawi.

He started selling art at the age of 9 to keep him and his brothers in education and now works in the local area to promote sustainable development (‘All of our projects have come from a need identified by local people and who want to work together to make a difference in their communities. To ensure sustainability all the projects must aim to generate trading income, reinvest their profits in their business or community to achieve their wider social or environmental aims”.)

We got to see Kennedy in action at the opening of a new nursery school with adjoining vegetable garden, to generate income for school supplies, and also got to witness the creation of an amazing cake produced by the local cookery school.



Whenever travelling in Africa I have always been glad to meet entrepreneurial individuals like Kennedy because they challenge the negative perceptions of Africa given off in newspapers, films and television.

Of course the continent is not without it’s problems (and these should not be played down or ignored) but the media gives an unbalanced view of African countries. You don’t hear much about accomplishments or people like Kennedy and other activators, innovators, artists etc and this is a shame because it is not all poverty, sickness, crime and war and people are not just sitting around hopelessly, waiting for Western aid!


2 thoughts on “Malawi: Lake Flies and Inspiration

  1. Hey Emma, enjoying your blog – sounds like an incredible trip!
    I agree, the media gives a very warped view of Africa and it really sucks that people don’t hear more of the good stuff that’s going on there. Also, it’s an entire massive diverse continent and I find the media generalises it way too much. Anyway, here are a couple of good things I’ve heard about the continent lately I thought you might appreciate:

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