Malawi: Rains down in Africa

It’s been raining in Malawi!


I never thought storms would be so enjoyable, but after days and days of rising humidity, wind and rain has been quite a relief.

Also enjoyable was finding episodes of Bruce Parry Tribe on the lodge’s laptop which resulted in some quality screen time for me and Daniel!


I have been pleasantly surprised by the good internet and power connections in Nkhata Bay.  The exception to this is on Sundays when there are power cuts across the whole region.

Power down offers a good incentive though, to disconnect from everything and relax or to adventure out of the lodge.

This weeks expedition was to the town centre where we got supplies from the local “supermarket”.


And found some tasty looking fish drying in the sun!


As Lonely Planet puts it “Nkhata Bay centre is a busy clutch of markets, craft stalls, local activity and wandering visitors.”

It also has some unique and fun cafes; one of my personal favorites being Aqua Africa, with it’s own mini island where you can sip a drink and chill in a hammock.


Not bad!


One thought on “Malawi: Rains down in Africa

  1. When I first landed in Nairobi a hundred million years ago – it rained for a month – torrential non stop – I couldnt believe it!! Glad you guys having fun

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