Malawi: Scorpions in the night

Take a look at what was in our room the other night.


A Scorpion!!!…which, to be honest, scared the life out of me!  Following local advice and with fears of it scuttling into the bed and delivering some kind of deadly sting, I decided it had to die.

A few days later we were greeted by another interesting creature.



Hello Praying Mantis!

Anyway, moving away from wildlife and onto last weeks excursion – we took a trip to the nearest town – Mzuzu, about an hour from Nkhata Bay.

Step one – jumping in a “shared taxi” and waiting for it to fill up.


Followed, on arrival, by a trip to a newly opened supermarket, to get supplies for the lodge.


The tinsel and staff wearing santa hats were a bit of a shock but it’s nice to see they are getting festive.

To recover from our supermarket sweep we found a nice little coffee shop (run by the Mzuzu Coffee Planters Cooperative Union) which not only serves amazing, local Fair Trade coffee but supplies to Sainsburys too :).  Apparently it’s a great stocking filler – have a peek!





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