Malawi: Barbeques, cake and a puppy

With one day left till Christmas, Njaya Lodge is getting festive.

Decorations are up and preparations are on the way for tomorrow’s celebrations.

For my first hot Christmas we are going to be having a day of barbequing and live music and I can’t wait!

Mulled wine may have been replaced with cartoned beer:



and fruit cake with rainbow slices:


but this has not lessened my Christmas cheer.

I’m also pup sitting for a Dutch couple over the next few days.

Meet Charlie:



An extremely cute bundle of energy.

Merry Christmas!


4 thoughts on “Malawi: Barbeques, cake and a puppy

  1. Emma i can`t wait too. You need to see how Malawian people celebrate a hot Christmas.

    I see Danny busy drinking local brew beer, thus so amazing.

    Nice Marry Christmas my best dudes.

  2. Merry Christmas to you both! I will be at Fenling tomorrow with Nick and “Granny Barnard”. Have a great day of barbequing!

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