Tanzania to Kenya: Return to Nairobi Part one

Hello Nairobi!


After a long bus journey from Dar es Salaam we arrived here last Tuesday.

It’s been amazing to return to this city, where I stayed for 3 months in 2009.

From leafy suburbs and tented accommodation:


To a cute bungalow on the edge of Kibera slum:


I have been staying in various parts of the city, revisiting the old and discovering the new.

My highlight so far has been staying with a friend Sabina:


She offers a homestay, on the edge of Kibera; a place that is full of challenges but also full of vibrancy.

You see this vibrancy the moment you step onto the streets with music blaring out from speakers at every corner, children playing football and people everywhere buying and selling goods and greeting friends.

For some interesting slum photos look here – the photographer Gareth Kingdon explores Kibera in his project  Hidden Cities – “a project attempting to identify the positive aspects of the world’s largest slum communities whilst also recognising that residents remain living in challenging and harsh environments.”  

Or for some more amateur photos, here are a few of mine!







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